My Post-Childhood Journey Into Music: Part 4: Listening to You, I Get Your Music (Earthshine)


An earlier post, dated February 11, 2012, has a similar title. Its subject is about how music is contained inside each individual’s soul. The title of that post is Listening to You, I Get the Music, and it does happen to be a song on the Tommy album. Parts 1 through 3 have been about my journey through music. This part is about others’ journeys, artists who express themselves through music.

The first artist is Neil Peart, songwriter and drummer for the rock band, Rush. His song, Earthshine, comes from a book he wrote, entitled, Ghost Rider: Travels on the Healing Road. Peart had unexpectedly lost his daughter and wife within a short period of time. He had escaped from these tragedies by first taking a four-month journey on his motorcycle from Canada, where he lives, all the way south to Mexico. Throughout the next two years, until he returned to record a new album with the band, Neil Peart had ceased to identify himself not only as a celebrity in a major rock band, but as someone who became unable to feel, or relate to any form of music.

Ghost Rider is his journal that is emotionally riveting. He keeps referring to his “baby soul”, and how it needed constant comforting and nurturing throughout this challenging time. Fortunately his story has a happy ending, as he meets his new wife, and she bears him a new daughter. Earthshine, the song I mentioned in the beginning, is about the joy he experienced after discovering a new wife, whereupon he rediscovered how blessed he had become.

Some of the lyrics of the song are:


A beacon in the night

I can raise my eyes to



A jewel out of reach

For a dream to rise to


You can access the video below to listen to the entire song: