Music soothes the savage beast. It also promotes a universal language of harmony and commonality in such a complex world as ours. While unlikely to achieve a state of kumbaya with the entire world, music has found a place with a significant number of the world’s younger generation. They include Palestinian, Israeli, Jordanian, Pakistani, Afghan, and Russian youth. These young people, thanks to the Internet and social media, are finding other young people in other parts of the world who share common aspirations for a more peaceful world.

Other topics I will blog about are interfaith bands, as well as  how other religions view the role of music.

Peace of Music in this blog also refers to inner peace within individuals. You will discover that in posts about the link between music and health.

At the end of each post, you will find YouTube videos that further demonstrate the unique Peace of Music aspect each subject conveys.

The photo below, which you will find at the top left of each post,  is of two young Afghan music students, one man and one woman, performing on an international tour. It is the best illustrative representation of what I am trying to convey in this blog.

The first post, entitled, One Universal Note, Pure and Easy, is about the musician who most inspired me to write this blog, Pete Townshend of The Who. You can find this one if you scroll to the bottom of the blog. But feel free to scroll to whichever post you so desire.




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