Stand and Face the Unknown: A Soundtrack for the Rest of My Life

2013_0205_anim_concert_m[1]Those of us who are fans of the rock band Evanescence will be familiar with the first part of the post title, Stand and Face the Unknown. These are lyrics that are an important part of their song, What you Want. It is the spirit of the song, but particularly the video for it, that gives me my own swagger as an attitude toward life.

Do what you, what you want

Your world’s closing in in you now (it isn’t over)

Stand and face the unknown (got to remember who you really are).

As I get older, the expression that life is too short now holds meaning. As someone who leads a busy life, time also seems too short.

There’s still time

Close your eyes

Only love will guide you home

Tear down the wall, and free your soul

This song’s sense of determination fits my own swagger  Below is a video for the Evanescence song, What you Want: