Harmony for Humanity: A Silver Lining in the Daniel Pearl Tragedy

2013_0205_anim_concert_m[1]Daniel Pearl was a journalist who was killed by Al-Qaeda terrorists in Pakistan in 2002. People who knew Pearl could not understand why the terrorists specifically targeted him. As his widow,  Marianne Pearl described Daniel, “as a journalist and sojourner of the world, Danny held no prejudices about the people he interviewed and met. He first and foremost considered the human being in front of him, regardless of religion, race or social status.”

As one way of lighting a candle to curse the darkness, the Daniel Pearl Foundation each year holds an event called World Music Days. It “showcases original music, lyrics, poetry, stories, articles, art, photography and video which reaffirms and intensifies Danny’s convictions that music, truth, honesty, and dialogue can build bridges across cultural divides, and help achieve international friendship.” Daniel Pearl himself loved music, and played several instruments as a hobby.”

Each year musical performers produce videos that can be viewed on an e-stage. Viewers on the Daniel Pearl Foundation website can click on one link for lyrics, poems, and dedications, another to see photos and musical videos, etc.

If you click on the YouTube links below, one video is Elton John’s tribute to Pearl, and the other is a musical tribute by musicians from Afghanistan that was held at the US Embassy in Kabul.



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