An Axis of Peace, Part II: Iranian Rock Musicians Pursue a Different Path to Regime Change

2013_0205_anim_concert_m[1]While there many not be any more Iranian moderates or doves within that country’s government, there are among the younger generation. Seventy percent of Iran’s population are under the age of thirty.

Rock and heavy metal music became popular at the end of the Iran-Iraq War, fought throughout the 1980’s. O’Hum, a band that’s regarded as the pioneer in underground rock, began in 1999,  at a time of relaxed cultural policies under President Mohammed Khatami, Ahmadinejad’s predecessor.

O’Hum, or Illusions in Persian, plays a combination of Western hard rock, along with Persian traditional music and instrumentation.

After their first album was rejected by the Culture Ministry, the band created their own website and offered free downloads of the album.

O’Hum played for the first time at a concert for a mixed gender audience at a Russian Orthodox Church in Teheran.

Hypernova, a rock group originally from Iran, was formed at the same time. Also an underground band, they distinguished themselves from other Iranian groups by having some accomplished musicians in their group.

During 2008, they came to the United States from Dubai on a visa, and have not let since. They also became the first Iranian rock group to be signed by a US recording company.

The YouTube link below should take you to one of their videos for a song entitled, Sinners, which is quite powerful.

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