An Axis of Peace: Part I: Heavy Metal Music as a Weapon of Mass Production

2013_0205_anim_concert_m[1]President George W. Bush in 2002 declared that Iraq, along with Iran and North Korea, were part of an Axis of Evil in a new post-911 world.

Acraissicauda, an Iraqi rock music band (Black Scorpion in English), is a story of four young musicians who have had life experiences unlike most. The band was formed in Baghdad in 2000, when two of the members met while studying at the same school. Since that period was before Sadaam Hussein was overthrown, Acraissicauda was forced to play under government censorship. They were not allowed, for example, to do headbanging on stage, as many heavy metal groups do. The Iraqi authorities considered that as something similar to what Jews do when they pray.

After Sadaam Hussein was overthrown in 2003, they began to receive death threats from Islamic militants, accusing the band of worshipping Satan. As a result of increased security precautions throughout Iraq after the U.S.-led invasion, Acraissicauda fled first to Syria, then to Turkey, and finally settled in the United States in 2009.

The YouTube links below include a trailer to a film about them, entitled, Heavy Metal in Baghdad.  You are forewarned that these links contain some profane language.

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